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Raven Huna Academy 

Frequently Asked Questions‚Äč


Raven Huna

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Huna?

2. What is Adventure Shamanism?

The 3/ 4 Selves

1. Ku: The Subconscious self who remembers

2. Lono: The Conscious self who imagines

3. Kane (Aumakua): The Higher self who inspires

4. Kanaloa: The Core self who wills

The 4 Levels of Reality

1. Ike Papakahi

The Objective Reality (Scientific)

2. Ike Papalua

The Subjective Reality (Psychic)

3. Ike Papakolu

The Shamanic Reality (Symbolic, Metaphorical)

4. Ike Papaha

The Mystical Reality (Everything is Holistic)